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IP Services

Overview In the previous chapter, we learnt how NAT is important in helping devices in a network access the internet, we also looked at DHCP and how it helps in automatic ip configuration on hosts as well as the use of ACLs in filtering traffic in our networks. In this chapter, we will look at […]

ACLs (Access Control Lists) Part I

Overview In the last chapter, we discussed network security and saw its importance in our networks. In this chapter, we will delve into the world of ACLs, in part 1, we will look at the ACL concepts as well as configuring standard ACLs. In part 2 of this chapter, we will continue with configuration but […]

PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol)

Introduction In the previous chapter, we discussed serial connections in the WAN, we also discussed the default data link encapsulation on CISCO switches which is HDLC. In this chapter, we will look at PPP, we will discuss some of its concepts, learn how to configure PPP as well as its authentication options and finally we […]


Overview In part 1 of EIGRP, we explored some of the EIGRP concepts, we saw how it works and how routes are learnt, we also looked at the tables in EIGRP as well as the algorithm used and the different packet types. We also configured EIGRP and verified operation using the various show commands. in […]