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NAT (Network Address Translation)

Overview In the previous chapter, we saw how DHCP is useful in assigning ip addresses to hosts in a network. In this chapter, we will look at another important ip service that helps hosts access the internet. We will learn about, NAT operation and IPv4, and configure and troubleshoot NAT. NAT in today’s networks In […]

Data link layer, Ethernet and physical layer

Overview In the previous chapters, we learnt about the application layer and transport layer port communication, we also looked at the network layer and IPv4 addressing for remote delivery of packets. In this chapter we look at the data link layer and discuss how it prepares packets for transport over different types of media and […]

Addressing in ipv4 – part 2

Welcome to part 2 of addressing in ipv4. In part 1 we looked at how IP addresses are assigned in ipv4. We looked at the various types of ipv4 addresses and we also did basic subnetting. In part 2, we will continue subnetting and introduce a few more concepts. Classful addressing in ipv4 When IPv4 […]

TCP/IP and the OSI Model

Overview In the previous chapter we were introduced to computer networks and we got to know their importance in everyday lives. In this chapter, we will look at the layered models that are used in communication over networks. We will discuss the TCP/ip model and the OSI model to better understand how communication works. This […]