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Cisco CCENT & CCNA STP Exam Question

As you prepare for your CCNA certification exam, you will be called upon to merge multiple concepts you learned into one exam question.  This is one of the things that really sets the CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician) and CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Administrator) certifications a step above A+, Net+ or Microsoft certifications which […]


Overview In part 1 and 2 of this chapter, we focused on 802.1D STP, in this chapter, we continue with STP but we will focus on the different variations of STP mainly; PVSTP and RSTP. We will begin with the concepts that make these protocols different from 802.1D STP, then we will configure PVSTP and […]


Overview In part 1 of this topic on STP, we looked at the STP concepts and discussed how STP helps in redundancy and loop prevention in LAN networks, in this second part, we will configure STP and as well as troubleshoot STP. Configuration of STP By default STP is on by default on CISCO switches, […]


Overview In part one of this chapter, we learnt how to configure VLANs on a switch. In this section, we will focus on deleting of VLANs on a switch, verification of configured VLANs as well as troubleshooting of some common VLAN problems. Deleting VLANs In other chapters, we have seen that using “no” at the […]