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IP Services

Overview In the previous chapter, we learnt how NAT is important in helping devices in a network access the internet, we also looked at DHCP and how it helps in automatic ip configuration on hosts as well as the use of ACLs in filtering traffic in our networks. In this chapter, we will look at […]

Inter-VLAN Routing

Introduction In previous chapters, we learnt how VLANs segment broadcast traffic on a switch and segment a switched network into different LANs, we also learnt how VLAN information can be transmitted to other switches in the network using VTP and how we can avoid layer two loops using STP. Consider, this, as the network administrator, […]


Overview In part 1 of this topic on STP, we looked at the STP concepts and discussed how STP helps in redundancy and loop prevention in LAN networks, in this second part, we will configure STP and as well as troubleshoot STP. Configuration of STP By default STP is on by default on CISCO switches, […]

STP Part I

Overview In the previous chapter, we looked at how we can segment a network using VLANs. In this chapter, we will discuss redundancy and how the end devices in the switched network are able to recover from a failure. We will discuss the role of STP in making sure that there are no loops as […]

Switch Concepts and Configuration Part I

Overview In this chapter, we will explore switching concepts and the basic configuration of a switch. We will discuss the switch’s operation, layer 2 and layer 3 switching as well as other concepts. We will conclude with the basic configuration of a switch and this will lead us into the discussion on VLANs. CSMA/CD We […]

TCP/IP and the OSI Model

Overview In the previous chapter we were introduced to computer networks and we got to know their importance in everyday lives. In this chapter, we will look at the layered models that are used in communication over networks. We will discuss the TCP/ip model and the OSI model to better understand how communication works. This […]